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Jacob Murphy admits to placing pressure on himself

"Well, now I can say I’ve found my feet. To start with, it was difficult. I was eager to just get in, play games and be a regular starter straight away. That didn’t go quite to plan, so it was a case of biding my time and working hard until the chance came. It's just exciting. In the black and white strip every time you look down you see the crest on our chest. It's a proud feeling.

"It’s difficult playing eight minutes, ten minutes or 12 minutes here and there, especially at this tempo when I wasn’t used to it. It was like, ‘wow’. But then it’s a lot different when you start a game – you can get into it, and I’m finding my rhythm now. I was just dying to play. And then when I was coming on, I was putting pressure on myself, trying to do things that I don’t normally do because I was trying to catch the eye, get the fans off their seats and stuff. Then I just thought, ‘wait – stick to what you know, and it’ll come good in time’.

"Once I started the games, from the Manchester United game, it took me ten or 15 minutes to settle into the match, but then things were coming off for me and I started finding more confidence. As each game’s gone on and I’ve played more minutes, I’ve relaxed into it.“I like to think I’m a confident boy. But when I was coming on and not doing well, people weren’t really taking to me straight away, it was quite frustrating. It was a bit like, ‘am I ever going to play well?’ But I knew that in time it would come good. All I needed was a run of games to find my feet, and then I’d be cooking on gas."

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