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Mixed feelings for Rafa Benitez

“I am disappointed and pleased at the same time. I’m disappointed because we had control in the first half, and had the game under control. Then we conceded another later goal. We were talking about that - learning from the mistakes of the past and be more focused in the last minutes. We conceded and went in at half-time 1-0 down and with the feeling all the hard work was for nothing.

“The second goal was even worse with the feeling that the mistake cost us. Not because it was a bad mistake, it was just conceding that second goal. The reaction of the team was there. They showed they really cared. They reacted and worked really hard. As soon as we scored the first goal we were back in the game. The second goal then made it very close and we could have won the game. It was a question of timing and we created some chances but ran out of time.”

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