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Now is the time says Jamie Carragher

“When Rafa Benitez eventually leaves Newcastle it could be a long time before they get a manager or if they ever get a manager with that sort of CV. You think if you want investment and you want to push on, now is the time.

“Manchester United beat Newcastle 4-1. Was it the most unexpected result in the world? No. But Rafa Benitez is up against Jose Mourinho. He was playing Champions League semi-finals against Jose Mourinho when we were at Liverpool. He was at that level - going up against Mourinho and getting victories. He won’t want to go there and get beaten 4-1 and he probably doesn’t have the players to compete at that level or even top six.

“How long - if that continues - if Rafa Benitez got an offer from a team at that level or chasing the Champions League, is he going to stay at Newcastle in that situation? He’s not going to want to go into games against some of these managerial rivals with one hand tied behind his back trying to win. Losing 4-1 to Mourinho: he won’t be happy with that.”

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