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Florian Lejeune opens up about life in England & that Harry Kane tackle

“Obviously, he is one of the world’s top coaches and has won loads of trophies. He has great experience. So what he says, you do. He has an eye for detail that other coaches don’t. For example, it is mainly about preparation with him. And tactical play. He tells us to concentrate all the time, really work on concentration. Play a simple game but an aggressive one. Talk to each other, always talk to each other and play together.

“I feel very good. I have had a run of matches and they were good then there was my injury which was a real setback for me. But I have worked really hard and am back in the team. Hopefully, I can get better and better. It was a difficult time. A very difficult time for me because I had only just arrived here, a new club and a new country and I was trying to establish myself in the team. I had prepared very well and then suddenly I got injured and I was very frustrated. I had to see a specialist and then I worked really hard and am pleased that I am now back in the squad.

“I do not think it was revenge or anything like that, just the way it was done and that there was no apology afterwards. Then again, that’s football, things like this happen all the time. There is a good atmosphere in the group here so that helped me. What was difficult was not having any training and then coming back and having to train on my own, being with the physio on my own and going later to the training ground after everyone else. It was a hard time. But at the end of the day, everyone was very good with me. I really feel as if I am part of this squad.

“Do I miss life in France or Spain? The heat, the sunshine, the light... but seriously, I have everything to be happy about at Newcastle United so I do not really miss anything. Even the food! We eat well here. I feel better and better being here, especially when I am playing because of the atmosphere. Football is a religion here and that it feels special. I am continuing my English classes and am understanding a lot more. I can now communicate with my team-mates."

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