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Shearer says it's Rafa Benitez who is key

“I’m sure he is wanting and hoping for some activity in regards a takeover because even he has said himself he was frustrated at the beginning of the season because he wasn’t given what he was promised. So I’m sure he is hoping there will be a takeover and he will be given funds to strengthen the squad.

“Newcastle have to keep hold of Rafa - he is a huge plus point for Newcastle with his experience and know-how and he understands what team he has at this time. He hasn’t got a great football team to take Newcastle anywhere near the top six and I know people were getting carried away when they were sixth or seventh but it was always going to be a hard long season and he will make the difference.

“If Newcastle are to stay up this season and I’m sure they will then a lot of that will come from Rafa because of who he is and what he is - because he is a very good manager.”

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