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Christian Atsu says he has nothing to prove to former club

“I have nothing to prove to Bournemouth. I think they are a very good team and they have a great manager, they are very good on the ball, so it will be a very difficult game. But we will work hard to try and win the game for the fans because they deserve it.

"I was unlucky there, I had a lot of injuries when I was in Bournemouth and the team was also doing well so it was difficult for the coach to change the squad. The blame is not on anybody. This is football so I’m just working hard now and trying to focus on Newcastle.

“I know how Bournemouth play, but when you get on the field it’s a different story all together. We just need to stick to our gameplan and work hard to try and improve what we have been doing throughout the season.

“We have fantastic fans behind the team, we have great team spirit and we work hard on the field. Most teams when they come to St James’ Park are more scared of the fans. The fans give us a lot of confidence when we are playing so they have been fantastic supporting the team.

“Any time I hear the song [about me] I feel like giving more to the team and I’m grateful for what they have done for me.

“But I feel I have to give back and do more for the team. This is my first time hearing fans singing for me [at any of my clubs] and I appreciate that.”

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