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When Will it End?

It doesn't matter how many times we've supposedly "been here before," it still hurts. This one more so as we hadn't been here before. Mike Ashley had never accepted a bid, a deposit had never been paid, Premier League Owner and Director tests had never been done before, until now. Indeed the Premier League have a lot to answer for, with a three week process taking in advance of four months, yet the silence from them is deafening.

Petitions and letters are doing the rounds, and of course I've signed the petition, but I am very pessimistic on what effect it will have. If it does get enough signatures to go to Parliament, I can see it being discussed and thrown out by this government in less than ten seconds, followed by the same old rhetoric of not wanting to get involved in Premier League procedure, yet our spineless government continue to flog the Saudi's weapons. But as we always say, politics and football shouldn't mix. Whether they should mix or not is somewhat irrelevant, as they now go very much hand in hand. Newcastle have been stuck in the middle of quarreling between Qatar and Saudi Arabia over the TV piracy, an issue which has undoubtedly got in the way of this deal with the Premier League not wanting to upset their highest source of income outside the UK in BeIN Sports, formerly known as Al Jazeera (I'll let you do your own research into the sort of people they were involved with.)

This deal represented hope for not just a football club, but for a football community. Staveley and the Reubens obviously "get it" with the Reuben's' donations to the Foodbank. Areas like the Newcastle Foundation, Newcastle United's womens team, and of course our youth academy and training ground are desperately underfunded and in need of TLC which I've no doubt would've formed part of the consortium's long-term plan.

The biggest heartache I have is a personal one. All I want is to take my children to St James Park to show off the club I fell in love with as a youngster to them, but the club that stands there now is nothing more than a burnt out husk. I don't, like everyone else, expect the World, but it would be nice to not go into a season expecting to be relegated, with anything better than that considered a bonus. I will still take them one day, as they are still too young to go now for fear of them running on the pitch wanting to join in and play (insert your own joke about them being more useful than Joelinton!) but it worries me what sort of football club I will be taking them too in a few years. Where will we be? Will we have an owner who cares, and appreciate just how special it is to own Newcastle United? We can only hope, but it's the hope that kills.



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