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Live videos return to NFTV

After 3 months of not being able to live stream, Newcastle Fans TV are delighted to be able to go live and bring back shows which we've & our subscribers have missed.

We were hit with a copyright strike, despite an agreement placed with someone at the media team at NUFC, that if we were to use any of their footage, we give credit (we have done this), yet we were picked out - despite others continuing to use footage on YouTube after the Middlesbrough friendly. We reached out, but as you know - the communication with the club has been at an all time low for years now - we got nowhere.

But, as we say - the good news is our favourite videos are returning.

  • The Black & White Show - an interactive show on the past week's events (live chat & WhatsApp interaction).

  • The Fan Reaction Show - Any fan across the globe has the chance to discuss the game with us straight after full-time.

  • Live watch-along - This has been trialled on our sister channel & we're bringing this across to our main channel on a match day.

  • Other live videos - Scoring the players with interaction from the live chat.

It's been a strain on the team, because on a matchday we've had to pre-record our videos, download them, then upload to YouTube, we've lost out on views & subscribers because of this & it was so time consuming - especially late night games.

Join us on matchday on NFTV as we play Aston Villa on Friday night, coverage begins at 7pm!



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