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KTNUFC's take on the week: vol 2

So! Last week's first edition of this had a good reception. So time to round up NUFC & NFTV for the week.

The B Team show: Myself and Paul are doing a new show for the 2nd channel/Facebook page called the B team show. Now this is something me and Paul have spoken about for the longest time and with the 2nd channel we're finally gonna put it into motion. We want you involved. By sending us any type of question. Obviously Newcastle and football will be at the forefront of what we talk about. But I promise you. It's gonna be different to anything you've seen before on NFTV. We're gonna record our first episode sometime this week. I'm really looking forward to it. I've got some ideas in the pipeline for it as well. It's just a case of planning and putting them together. Stay tuned.

Takeover rambling on: The update from the Athletic concerns me. It seems the Premier league are waiting for this WTO report. Which has had its fair share of claims against the potential owners. Which if the Premier league choose to block the takeover. Siding with the hypocritical yet desperate Qatari TV station Bein Sports. Honestly go look up the stuff they got up to back in the day. While your at it. Look at the reports of how they treat those building stadiums for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. Human rights,piracy issues and sportswashing isn't something Qatar should be preaching and pointing the finger for really.

It's just typical Newcastle United isn't it? All we want is Mike Ashley out and a bit of hope and life in our club again. Yet we end up in the middle of all this political bullshit and a media frenzy with stupid letters and biased journalists.

This has dragged on for so long I just want a conclusion now. It's got me drained even thinking of it. #cans feels like it's years old now. Am I still confident it'll go through? No really anymore to be honest. I think there's too many people chucked they're 50 pence in. I do hope this takeover goes through though. Because if it falls through. It's going to be a rough time for us supporters.

All games televised: All games have been announced to be on the tele. Which is fantastic! All at different times too in the day too. Football binge awaits. Least its something to look forward to. Isolation is getting worse and more tiresome.

I'm really enjoying the articles at the moment so I will keep them coming. If you enjoy them. Let me know. If you think they're bad. Let me know that as well. Constructive comments will help mould this series for the better.

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