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Being away from the goldfish bowl was a relief

So myself and Rob are home in to goldfish bowl of Newcastle once more, a few days have passed - already miserable and the unhappiness is back.

I can’t escape it, I work four days a week - located 50 yards from St James’ Park, our radio show is also in the city centre. Everywhere I go I see NUFC. Since arriving home - already people are asking me about the takeover, do I have any updates and what’s happening with Sean Longstaff?

The truth is, I’m sure Rob feels the same - being away from it all and in a city that doesn’t care about football, we felt an escape. Whilst we both love the club and I religiously update our social media feeds and post videos on the latest at the club. It felt good not having people approach me asking about NUFC, no one knew me out in NY and I actually enjoyed that.

Sure, we posted daily videos and news broke about Rafa Benitez’s statement and the Ayoze Perez transfer to Leicester, but every now and then you need to recharge your batteries because this summer genuinely feels the worst I have experienced in terms of the mood of Newcastle and the fans. It was great to not to have football continuous on our mind 24/7 in the Big Apple.

We did however, experience two MLS games and it’s nowhere near the Premier League in terms of the passion, the hurt and the emotion of what a fan goes through, however there was a good feel factor on both the Red Bulls and New York City games we went to, we both actually enjoyed how engaged the clubs are with their supporters, in particular the Red Bulls, I suddenly thought of Newcastle and become unhappy about life back home once again.

Now after a few days, we’re back in the swing of things - both miserable and hoping for change at the club, however, a part of me, a tiny fraction - wishes I was away from it all.

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