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Lee Clark on the rumour linking Jose Mourinho to NUFC

"I've said on many occasions, there's a lot of scepticism around Newcastle United and the city surrounding the proposed takeover. Whether the takeover deal is going to happen and whether the current manager is going to stay.

"There has also been reports recently that if the new consortium from the Middle East does takeover, then they are strongly interested in appointing Jose Mourinho. Mourinho falls into the same line of managers as Rafa Benitez, in that he is a serial winner at every club he has been at and has always delivered trophies. He has always been very complimentary about Newcastle United in the past as well. He loves coming up and seeing the atmosphere at St. James' Park. He has a little bit of a soft spot for the club because it was the club of his mentor, Sir Bobby Robson.

"I think Newcastle are one of the few clubs in England, with the exception of maybe a return to Chelsea, that would be of interest to Jose Mourinho. And certainly with the potential financial backing he would receive from the prospective owners, it would be a project that he could get his teeth into."

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