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Mo Diame scores himself a 6 or 7/10 last season

"All the players need to just focus on getting fit as soon as possible and of course we are working tactically as well. We know the manager is crazy with the tactics so we’re working hard on that point. It’s important everyone gets fit as soon as possible. As we know the starting of the season is going to be tough and difficult for us.

“I would give the team a 10/10 because the target was to stay up and we did more than that so it was a brilliant season. For myself I will say a 6 or 7/10 because I started slowly and not in the way I wanted to start but I finished well and now I want to continue with that. I felt very good at the end of the season. It was a target for myself because I know that in the Championship I did not play as I wanted to play.

“I had a targe to start last season well. I wasn’t in the plans of the gaffer for the starting XI at the start of the season but I kept working to win my place in the starting XI. I need to keep working hard to stay in the XI. But I feel I’m in a good position."

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