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Victor Fernandez raring to go

Fernandez told the club's website: “The important thing is the team, but if you can get individual things – like making your debut in a friendly, or getting player of the tournament and things like this – it’s motivation for yourself to keep going and working hard. We got the win in Hong Kong, we won the tournament and I got the MVP of the tournament, so I was very happy with that. I felt I was playing quite well. There aren’t many players on the pitch, and it was a big pitch, so it was good for my type of play. You end the season with something – if you don’t win anything at the end of the season it wouldn’t have been the best feeling. It gives you a lot of confidence to start the next season.

“I’ve been getting used to English football and, as I’ve said lots of times, the game in Spain is quite different. But I think I’m getting used to it, and getting used to the tackles and things like that, which is good. I feel more confident now, because I’ve experienced lots of things here. It makes you try different things – before, you try to play in a more easy way, you play easy football but when you have more confidence, you can try to do the things you like to do but you don’t do sometimes, because you don’t have that confidence.”

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