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Arsenal fans review:

In a new feature after every home game I will look back at the 'peformance', if you like, of the visiting fans. In the the first installment we look back at the Arsenal fans and how they were during their 2-1 defeat at St James'.

Although selling out their allocated 3,000 tickets they rather unimpressed, at the start of the game only letting out the odd 'Arsenal' repeatedly. Unlike other teams this season there was notably nobody ejected from the stadium and even after they took the lead they only really made any noise in the first moments after they scored. However in the aftermath of the gunners scoring it should be remebered that the Toon faithful stood by their team and helped them back into the game by getting right behind the team.

From that point onwards there was little if no noise given out from the away end and as Newcastle pushed on in the second half there was certainly some worried faces appearing amongst them.

After The Toon took the lead Newcastle fans taunted the Gunners' fans by singing things such as 'you only sing when your winning' and 'Arsene Wenger we want you to stay'. The latter finally producing a reaction from the now silenced away end.

On the whole the Arsenal fans were very poor, and are probably the quietest away fans to visit St James' this season, even being beaten by teams that have only brought 1,000 fans.

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