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Paul Dummett insists short term it's Premier League safety first

“There are nine or 10 teams that could still be relegated. Being in the bottom three meant before the Man United game that everybody had that fear. We know now that every game is going to be important. The pundits may have written us off before the Man United game but you know as a player if you give your all you will have a chance. We have beaten one of the top teams and while it was a must win this has proved to be a confidence booster going into the Bournemouth game.

“Our main priority is to make sure we stay in the Premier League. We are looking lay some foundations for the future. If we stay up the manager can get new players to improve the squad as well. If we stay up there will be even more competition and hopefully we can establish ourselves again. Newcastle is a massive club and we don’t want to be a team that is always fighting against relegation every season. We want to be a team in the top half of the table. That’s our aim. The short-term is to stay in the Premier League and the longer term we can try to build for the future after that.

“No matter what club I’ve played for I’ve had the same attitude. The way I was brought up was to show commitment and a good attitude. My family have always been like that. It wasn’t about signing a contract just to see out the peak years of my career, I want to keep playing well and then earn a new one after that. The standards don’t change. I am never going to take my foot off the gas. But that’s not just for me, it’s doing it for the club and the fans as well. I want to do the best for myself and the best for the club. I want to make sure the club does well. If I am playing well and the team is playing well then the club is successful so that’s my aim. I want to play as many games as I can to make sure the club does well.”


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