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Karl Darlow reveals he almost joined Middlesbrough

"Potentially I did think I’d play my last game. It has been pretty well documented, the position I was in during the summer, and what was happening, but playing for Newcastle was something I never gave up on. When the transfer window closed it was time to knuckle down, but looking back it was a tough period for myself and I have come through it and I am feeling good. Hopefully I can push on again, I am back in the team and see if I can kick on.

“I was incredibly close to leaving. At the time I saw it as business when the manager told me. That’s the way to deal with it. That’s how it was explained to me. I was pretty close to leaving, yes. I hadn’t got as far as my farewells to my team-mates. I had met and spoken to their manager and it was all ready to go. Newcastle were waiting on signing another goalkeeper and it fell through for another reason. Thankfully it did because I am still here and playing in the team again. It’s all good for me.

“It was very frustrating. During the week the keepers, we all train hard. I found it quite easy to get in the swing having been out for so long. The competition has been fine between Rob and I, it’s all good. We know at the end of the day it is the manager’s call what happens and who plays. It’s just a case of not taking it too personally. It happens all the time with the outfield players."

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