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Matz Sels confused with rotation at Anderlecht

“I played fifteen matches at Newcastle. That’s not much. I could have stayed and competed, but I estimated my playing opportunities at Anderlecht were higher. For the time being I am not worried, there will be enough matches. But it is true that I wanted to keep my World Cup opportunities cool by coming here. That was what Roberto Martínez had told me: that I definitely had to play, and that he did not see that happening at Newcastle. Now, even if I play at Anderlecht, it does not give me the certainty that I will be there. But by staying with Newcastle and sitting on the bench again, I certainly did not stand a chance.

“I played a good match against Gent, and a week later I was on the bench. Why? You have to ask him that, he did not give me an explanation. I kept the team right: it remained 0-0. If you make a mistake, that choice can still be understood. But now?

“We have achieved a lot together: my respect for Hein is great, and I think it is mutual. But he continues what Weiler has started with. He rotates, not only with his field players, but also with his goalkeepers. I think he does that because of the fast succession of matches. We have already been eliminated in the cup, so it will dissolve itself. In my favour, or that of Frank: I do not know that.”

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