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Rob Elliot says the aim is 20 points for the first half of the season

"If we look at the last couple of years and the changes at the club since the manager came in it’s been a massive overhaul in terms of players. We’re the youngest team in terms of players and also the youngest in terms of togetherness and working out how we all play together. We’re all working on how we play together and you can see improvements. The first 30 minutes against Manchester United were excellent. It shows we can go there, go to places like that and put them under pressure. It’s learning to do that consistently.

"After the defeat to Man United the focus has been on Watford and making sure we have a good reaction and try and put an end to the run of defeats and use home advantage. The lads have been a bit down but we need to keep faith and keep confidence. The manager has been clear from the start that we are going to lose games. Games against Manchester United are fantastic for the club but it’s the games against Watford that are most important. We can’t lose too much focus. We’re still aiming for the first part of the season to get 20 points from the first half of the season."

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