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Luke Charman happy to see the U23's winning again

"Tom had been running them all game and after the red card, just a bit of fresh legs made the difference, I think. It's nice to get a win. I've been out for a few weeks with injury and stuff so it's been a bit difficult watching them losing games. You just want to get back and try to help out as much as you can, so I'm glad I'm back in the team and we're winning again.

"When Sterry gets the ball, you always know that he's going to look for you and more often than not it's going to find you. You just have to work a bit of space and focus on the finish, because the ball's always going to come in. The first few times, I was kicking about and didn't know where the ball was. It just dropped for me, I tried to lift it up a bit and thankfully it went in. Sometimes I've played well and not scored; sometimes it's just better to score and play decent, and hopefully I did both. We've got quite a few games coming up and I think the best thing about it is how well we played, not just the result. I thought there was just one team in it and in the end, it was a comfortable win."

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