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We need to learn says Rob Elliot

“We have got to learn lessons. It’s still our first season back in the Premier League, we are still a young team and these things are going to happen. But we’re obviously really disappointed because we know how good we can be at home, and especially after how good we were in the first half. We have got to learn from that. It’s still a learning process for us this season as well as a good opportunity, so we need to make sure that we learn from it.

"We go away and we have a good stint after this, because it’s a long run until March. We’re absolutely gutted, especially after the way we played in the first half. We needed to take our chances and we needed to get the goal there and when we didn’t, we were too open in the second half.

We didn’t stick to our strengths, we weren’t organised enough and we were obviously disappointed at the end.”

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