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Eddie Howe says playing Newcastle was tough

“It was a very difficult game for us - Newcastle were good in the first half. When you have got players like Ritchie

and Shelvey with their long-range shooting, they put us under pressure. It’s a huge win. Both sides could have won it I suppose, the first half they were better than us, I wouldn’t say we were fortunate to come in 0-0 but we needed to up our game.

“We did, and how we didn’t seal the game earlier was like us this season, we haven’t been clinical enough and you felt it could be another day like that. But it’s a great header from Steve Cook and a deserved three points I think. We had enough to win the game before that moment, but we’ll take any win, regardless of how it comes. Back to back away wins is huge, our away record prior to this wasn’t great. You need to know you can win anywhere, it’s a huge win for us and hopefully that will lift our season.”

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