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Jamaal Lascelles says the lads know they were up against world class opposition

Lascelles told the Chronicle: “The boys were excellent all game, they gave their all and worked their socks off. Even at 2-0 down a lot of players would have given up and accepted that it was hard to come back against a team like Liverpool. But we kept fighting and of course because of the situation we were in it does leave you a bit more open at the back. We were taking a bit of gamble. We were in a situation where we had nothing to lose and we were still trying to go for it. We don’t want to be losing or in that situation but it just goes to show that the boys will keep fighting until the end of the game.

“We defended well for 40 minutes - we were solid. They got a little bit impatient and their fans got a big groggy. Then that happened so it was a kick in the backside for us. We thought going into the second half and in the dressing room, we went to see what the tactics were going to be. They scored a second and when you are in that situation against a world-class team like that it is always going to be tough to come back.

“I don’t think that any team will make us look out of our depth. Even if they do score a few past them we are going to make it nasty for them and keep working. We are going to make it difficult. Okay, Liverpool’s goals were scored too easily for our liking but we gave a good reaction and we went for it in the end. We did gamble at the back but we were in the situation where we had to.”

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