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A New Identity Needed Urgently On Tyneside

Last Summer's takeover fall through was a blow all us Newcastle fans were not ready for and one that still gets spoken about now across the media and friends Whatsapp groups. Despite the club currently in the process of presenting their case to the arbitration panel with hopes of resurrecting a deal with Amanda Stavley and Saudi Arabia's PIF, I've come to terms that during this uncertain period that this takeover and any other potential takeover will not happen for a while now.

Although no Newcastle fan wants to experience another few seasons with Mike Ashley at the helm, I think what would be even worse would be certain members of the board, certain coaches and a certain Head Coach still occupying positions within our beloved football club. It's no secret us fans no longer want Steve Bruce at the club and watching his recent press conferences I've now got the impression he doesn't want to be in charge either. He looks defeated and during the press conference on Friday he finally conceded to the fact he was culpable for the demise of this team this season. We need a new identity under Mike Ashley and first stop is replacing Lee Charnley with a new managing director. I don't need to go into detail on how poorly this man has performed in his role. He arrived in 2014 and since then Newcastle have been struggling more so than before. Once he has vacated the building the next stop will be at the Head Coach's door. Steve Bruce has had a catastrophic time since arriving with his tactics and his media behavior. The role of the Head Coach is to coach these players and I think those who believe Steve Bruce has done a good job haven't quite appreciated the evolution of football and that teams in the bottom half have to adapt to certain fixtures and situations. We've seen a transformation in play since the arrival of Graeme Jones for the positive, but unfortunately it seems like it could be too late and there are games where we don't necessarily have to open ourselves up all the time and can revert back to a more negative/defensive structure. It's been a disaster in the dugout this season and we need to bring in a coach that can adapt to a more modern style and coach these players as on paper I still believe this team all fit can be mid-table and not have the stresses of relegation.

I look at candidates and although Steven Gerrard would be my no.1, I can't see him leaving Rangers in the next year especially after what he's just achieved and I doubt he would go near Newcastle under the current establishment - I'm sure Rangers and Rafa would warn him of this as well. I look at two coaches in Eddie Howe and Frank Lampard who I think could work wonders with this team and with the current resources. These two may also give opportunity to the younger guns in the squad and have a real focus on youth development. If we do stay in the Premier League I look at these two who could potentially rejuvenate certain personnel within that changing room. I can't see Mike Ashley investing big whilst trying to sell the club and both Eddie and Frank, in particular Frank, have coached players and improved players along with promoting a style of play that will get results and change the ethos of the club without needing big money to buy players.

Although it's too soon to say what will happen to Newcastle at the end of the season, it's important we create a plan for life after Steve Bruce and the coaching staff, and make sure we are in a good position to either push for a mid-table finish in the Premier League under new authority or potentially have Graeme Jones in place to try and replicate what Chris Hughton did back in 2010, which was to bring Newcastle straight back up after being promoted to the manager's position.



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