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Fans should not be made out to feel guilty

14 years sucked out of us, with very little spending, no communication & don't get me started on the treatment of players & ex players, stadium name change. I could go on.

Next season we won't go in to a game, hoping for a draw away to Burnley is a good result, that's the mindset that's been placed in to all of us. We can be confident and expect to win that game at Turf Moor. We're going to have a better squad, a better manager, better facilities, that's all we wanted, to have hope & to dream. That was taken away from us all. We're going to have Shearer back, Keegan back, Rob Lee back, all of them will be welcome back to our club with open arms, we have our club back.

Our channel, like the others will flourish. There's channels in the NUFC fan base on YouTube that do way better quality of video in terms of presenting, editing & production than bigger channels whose club is apart of the big six - because they win games, compete in Europe, sign big players. We'll have some of that now.

The Saudi's have investment in Starbucks, Uber, Boeing, Twitter, Facebook, BP & even our own government sell arms to the Crown Prince. There's no escaping everyday life is impacted in what the PIF have investments in, no one will stop using social media because of it. Newcastle United fans won't stop supporting their club because of it, we as a fan base shouldn't be made to feel any guilt we have our club back.

The hyprocrosity of the greedy six and some of their fans is mind blowing. All of them wanted to break away & form a Super League against the wishes of their own fans, a small pocket of supporters are throwing the human rights at Newcastle fans, yet Man United have a long term deal with the Saudi's, Man City have owners who also have issues with human rights & Chelsea's owner isn't even allowed in the country.

What I will say is we have our club back & if anyone tries to bring you down, just ask yourself what that person's real intentions are. Happy takeover!



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