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Paul Dummett stresses the squad have to show a performance against Manchester United

"Even though we still think about that and analyse the game, we need to try and move on to the next game. The more we try and dwell on the fact that we put a bad performance in, it will stick in our heads and the confidence might not be there. We need to try and forget about it, work hard on the training ground and together as a team to make sure we put it right.

"In the second half we collapsed, and that's one thing as a team with the players we have, we've never really done that in the past few seasons. We've never collapsed and given away the goals we gave away. That's one thing the manager wanted to address, and I think as a team we knew it wasn't acceptable. That's one thing that can't happen again. This team has been successful on working hard as a team and sticking together to get results. Obviously the manager has changed, but we all still know what we have to do on the pitch. We train every day with the manager on different ideas but we all know exactly what our jobs are on the pitch. The performance against Leicester wasn't that we didn't know our jobs. We didn't put the performance in and collapsed - like the manager said we surrendered.

"Even when it was five-nil they were still singing right throughout. For them travelling the distance they travelled and the money they would have spent to watch us, the performance we put in was not acceptable. No matter what team you play for, getting beat five-nil is a tough one to take. There was a lot of things said between ourselves in the dressing room, and a lot said in the press and the media. We've got to accept the criticism because everyone involved in that game knew it wasn't good enough. We've been in tough situations before throughout our time in the Premier League. We've overcome those hurdles before, and we're doing our best to make sure we stick together and overcome those again. We will be working hard on the training ground to make sure we can try and put the performance right against Manchester United."

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