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Shola Ameobi is excited by Rondon and Perez

"From experience, it takes time to know the movements of the guy you are playing with. Obviously, Rondon coming in this season has been a huge plus for us. He does so much for the team and the way Rafa likes to set up. He is the striker who can hold it up. What I love is that Perez is actually starting to realise this. I think this is corresponding to the five wins we have had at home, the link-up play is because they are playing closer together. When you have got a guy like Rondon who can win his fair share of headers, you want someone going beyond and really understanding what the other one is doing. They are really striking a bond and a good partnership.

"With the addition of Almiron coming in as well, the biggest thing that has changed is the attitude of the fans and that has affected the players in a very positive way.When you spend a bit of money, like the fans have been craving, the atmosphere in the stadium at the start of the games has changed and you can see that shift. I think the players are really feeding off it and I said a couple of weeks before he came that there was quite a negative mood in the stadium. That has changed with a new guy coming in and he has made a huge impact with his speed, his quality on the ball and I think the players have fed off the way the fans are more positive going into games.

"That really helped Newcastle on Saturday. Yes, there was a few grumbles at 2-0 down at half-time but you got the sense that if they got the next goal, their tails would be up. That is credit to the manager and also the players."

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