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DeAndre Yedlin insists players want top 10

“Sometimes you need that little extra motivation to push yourself on. Before there was one but now there is another clear aim. If we can get some points in these last games we can get a top 10 finish - it would be a great finish for our first season back in the Premier League. I don’t want to say everyone is disappointed because you know the motive all year is that we need to be positive but I think we are just ready. If we win this game, there is a good chance, I don’t know mathematically but we have a very good chance we can finish in the top 10. I think it would be a great finish for us - so everyone is ready, everyone is prepared and so far we are having a good week of training.

“If you had said to a lot of people before Christmas ‘hopefully we’ll be safe with a month to go’ they would have said you were crazy, but to be in this position, you have to give a lot of credit to the players, credit to the staff and the fans for not turning on us. They stuck by us, they were positive and kept us going and ultimately, it’s paid off. That’s the name of the game - especially at this level, it’s not massive things. It’s tiny little differences that you make in your game, that have allowed us to start getting these results and getting points up on the board and getting to this position in the table. We’ve achieved our goal - 40 points - but we want to keep pushing now and we don’t want to end a good season on a sour note.”

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