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Victor Fernandez wants more first team opportunities

"Of course this was a great experience for me to be here with the first team and trying to learn off them and get some minutes. On Wednesday last week I went to train with the first team and when we ended the session and the manager took me to one side and said: ‘Prepare your things, your are travelling with us to Spain tomorrow.’ Of course this is a big compliment and it means that I am doing things well and hopefully I get more chances to impress him going forward. It is an honour to play for him and for this team, and I want to experience it again.

"In training you can feel that all the players are at another level. It is a different intensity with much more speed and it’s great to be learning from them. When I came on against Antwerp it was nice to get a feel for this type of game. It gives me confidence in myself. These players are very good so it’s easier for me to play with them because they make things easier for you. It’s very good, a great learning exercise and I am very happy.

"Of course I want to play for the first team. Any opportunity I can I want to train and play with the first team. Always when I am called across to train with the first team it’s a pleasure for me to be with them and get experience. I want to learn the game they play, which is different and a step up. But now with the Under-23s, we are in the International Cup against Porto, in the Premier League Cup after my team-mates won against Bournemouth last week and we also have the Northumberland Cup. Hopefully we can win at least one of those competitions going forward.”

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