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Aleksandar Mitrovic: "(Fulham) use me in the best way"

“It was good, the team already know my style and try to use me in the best way. The ball is where i like to receive, in my legs, with the defender on my shoulder so they try to play me every time. They know how to use me and it was a nice goal and it was a nice feeling to score my first goal here and I hope I will continue this. I didn’t play a lot or start many games at Newcastle. When you compare all the games that I played there, just 10 or 15 minutes each week, I didn’t have a lot of chances to score goals. But here, I get a warm welcome from the lads and the coaching staff and the fans, and I really enjoy it here.

“The style we play here is very different to the one we play at Newcastle, so for me it’s much easier to play because I have a lot of crosses and chances created for me, and the lads are always looking to use me the way they like, which is where I’m strongest.mI enjoy it here and hope I can continue like this - the team enjoy it too and we haven’t lost in 12 games so that’s a big deal for a team, for confidence and for mentality. At Newcastle, the team there played a compact shape and mostly counter attacked, so this is not where I am strongest. This is the style that Rafa played and I have to accept this, but here I have adapted really fast because we play attacking football with a lot of crosses and balls into the box and around it too.

“I don’t think about Rafa, about Newcastle, I am a Fulham player, I’m here and want to get Fulham promoted - this is our target. My target is of course to score as many as I can, but first my target is to try help the team every day. Of course I wish Newcastle all the best, I hope they will stay in the league, they deserve it because they have a good team, good fans and a good manager.“I hope they will stay in the league and in the summer we will see what happens but I’m happy here, focused here and looking forward to playing every game. My only target is to help Fulham to get promoted.”

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