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Martin Dubravka delighted with the response from his debut

'The manager told me I should buy some kind of lottery ticket - because I would definitely win!' said Dubravka, who is set to make permanent a £4million move this summer. But I did not know I would be playing. I was just sitting in the dressing-room and the coach named the line-up. Many of my friends were then sending me messages, reminding me that we were playing Man United and asking me if I realised that. I was like, of course. Thank you so much for this information. I was just trying to take it as if it was any other game, but you can hear the crowd and the atmosphere, the fans were amazing. It was a great experience in my life.

'Many friends sent me messages after the game saying, "I am a fan of Man United, but I am so happy you won!". I spent all night answering the phone, returning calls, reading messages.. My girlfriend was the same, she watched the game in the stadium and my parents were ringing her all the time. In the end, after the game, I had to leave the phone, I had hundreds of messages. Just last year I was playing at Slovan Liberec, a small club in Czech Republic. So to be here now feels like a big step. You are used to living a certain type of life, then suddenly you are in a new country with new possibilities. This has completely changed my life.'

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