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Kenedy happy to play anywhere to get games

“I’ll play anywhere. The most important thing is to be playing. Chelsea is a great club and it was the coach’s decision to let me go and I respect it. But Newcastle is a great club and I hope to play as many games as possible. I will do my best. I cannot say what is special, but during the matches, you will see. I will play here, do my best and after we will see if I stay here or go back. But at the moment, my head is here. I want to play, but it’s the coach’s decision, so we’ll have to wait for his decision. But my desire is to play. Rafa is a great coach, I think he can teach me a lot of things and with him, I can improve my career. He had a big role in the decision. At the moment, I just need to play and do my best and after, if he decides if I will stay longer, it’s okay.

“The city is beautiful, the club is wonderful and I am really happy to be part of the club. It’s been really good. The coach will decide where I will play, but I am enjoying it and I will do my best for the team. It was a nice experience to sign. It’s a big team and it’s really good to be part of it and I will do my best. I am here to give my soul to the team and to be happy. I will do my best on the field and I hope I can help my colleagues to get the team out of this situation. I will do my best because it’s a big opportunity. I want to grab this opportunity and all that comes with it."

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