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Warren Barton gives his verdict on the ownership

In an interview from Newcastle Toons:

"I’m really excited. The longer it goes on, the more nervous and apprehensive I’m getting about it. One thing with Mike Ashley, he’s a businessman, so he knows he can’t mess around with losing that type of money. Would I have liked it done yesterday? Yes, but these types of deals take time. We need someone who is going to invest their heart and soul into the club. Unfortunately for Mike, he has not been seen like that. It has simply looked like a business. That’s cost him a lot of money, and he has upset a lot of people. But one thing I will say for him: he stuck by the club when they went down. Quite a few other owners have walked away in that situation. Maybe it’s his ego, but he didn’t want to walk away from a lost cause. He did stand by them. But it’s time to move on, and that relationship has run its course.

“I’m really optimistic about the new ownership group that’s coming in. In particular, considering the way the Premier League has these billionaires that can transform a club. You know, I’m old enough to remember what Chelsea and Manchester City were two decades ago. With Newcastle, that stadium and that fanbase, it’s a ready-made attraction to a lot of people. I’ve been a part of it, and I’ve lived up there. It is unique, and it’s different than any other club in the Premier League.

“I do think the Mike Ashley deal will go though, and we will see the end of his time as owner. The question now is if there is enough time to bring anyone in. I think Rafa has a real affinity with fans, particularly in the Premier League. Liverpool and Newcastle being great examples, and both have very passionate supporters. Rafa can identify with that. Ultimately, I don’t think he would leave a sinking ship. I really don’t. I think he would try his best to get them into a respectable position.”

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