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Sir John Hall is wondering what's going on with the takeover?

"I’m just a fan now and like everyone else, I want to know what’s happening. Mike Ashley has obviously made up his mind to sell up but for whatever reason, it’s taking an awful long time for him to do it. The clock is ticking and this stalemate is not doing the club any good at all. Rafa Benitez is working with what is essentially a Championship squad. He’s doing his best but there is a worrying lack of quality out there. I know Mike doesn’t go to many games these days but he must know the squad is in desperate need of improvement. Newcastle have gone down twice in the last decade and managed to bounce back at the first attempt.

"If the worst happened this time, I dread to think what the future might hold because it’s asking a lot to come straight back up again. Hopefully, a deal can be finalised in the next few weeks but if not, Mike must realise Rafa still needs to make some signings. People like myself and him are just caretakers passing through the club. The fans are there for life and it’s up to us to give them what they deserve.

"I read recently Manchester United’s worth £1.3bn and Tottenham’s £800m. Everyone knows Newcastle’s potential and with the right investment, there is no reason we can’t be competing with the very best again."

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