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Supermac doesn't rate Newcastle's strikers

“Limited. Dwight Gayle is a natural but he needs to have really good players around him to be able to make an impact in the Premier League. His current tally is not good when you’re into December. Mitrovic and Joselu - I’m really not sure why the club have signed them in the first place, they’re not the quality for the top division. It doesn’t matter how much you work on them if they haven’t got that natural ability and scope to improve it’s not worth it.

“One thing I’ve noted about the game in general is forwards don’t seem to be prepared to take a risk and score a goal – just take the risk and take a snapshot. They all want to be so careful that the shooting opportunity is there; well defenders don’t give you that time in the Premier League. So when these forward are trying to make sure, defenders are just nipping in there and everything comes to an end.

“I really do wish that they would just take a chance. The reason why they’re not is because they’re not thinking like goalscorers. There’s a massive difference between a goalscorer and a striker. A striker will play the game and score the odd goal; a goalscorer doesn’t get involved in the game and just scores the goals.”

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