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Ian Wright says Newcastle's defence should of done better

"Like Rafa said, they made mistakes. The three mistakes they made they got punished for them. You look at Merino for the first goal - that is Hazard next to you. He knows how good he is so he’s got to closer to him; he’s got to see that out. You look at where Merino ends up - he’s got to go in there with him. He could at least be closer to him.

"Same here with Ritchie for the second. Look at how much time and space he’s got. Someone has got to tell him he’s got time. He could take that ball down on his chest and lay it to the keeper. Instead, he panics. And then, Mbemba, as a centre-half, to go down, I don’t know what he’s expecting there but that is pitiful to me. That is ridiculous defending. Is he expecting a foul from that? Just head it!

"And then for the penalty, Ritchie has just got to stay on his feet. He’s got a team mate there so he doesn’t need to dive in. That’s three goals for me which all could have easily been avoided."

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