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Mikel Merino provides an update on his fitness

“It’s always hard not being able to play football, getting injured and having to watch the team while not being able to help. But I’ve been trying to stay positive and put 100% into my recovery and I know that now it is not long before I will be back. I’m now doing double sessions with the fitness coach to strengthen that and also my core. We’re also working to improve my general fitness. I don’t feel the pain now as much as I did at the beginning.

“Since I returned here I have mainly been training by myself. I had only trained with the rest of team in maybe two or three sessions which were not too hard for me. Today I managed all of the training and I am very happy about that. It’s now about seeing how I feel in the next few days and how I manage in each session. My body feels stronger now and ready to step up and train harder. I feel good because I can feel the improvements day by day and that gives me more strength. I hope I can be back 100% very soon.

“I want to take my time but I want to help my team too. Giving it the right time is important and we all have to take care in the recovery from any injury. I know that the team is putting up a great effort and I can feel that from home watching the games. The players are working hard and I can see that when I have come back. Of course I want to play again with the team and help them. Each day I am closer and feel stronger. Each day I work harder.”

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