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Ayoze Perez says players are unhappy with defeat

“The manager made a decision to put me on the bench. I was ready to play, but I respect his decision. I was also ready at the moment he brought me on. The idea was to help Dwight who was doing quite well and we both tried to make movements forward. We’re both runners. We could have scored but we didn’t. The main thing is we made a lot of mistakes and gave the ball away quite easy. That made Bournemouth feel comfortable on the counter attack. That’s what they were waiting for.

“It wasn’t enough. Yes you have to work hard every single game, we all know that. But football is more than that and it’s more about overall performance and playing well. We did well during some moments but it wasn’t enough. Our performance included a lot of mistakes and we can’t be happy with that.

“In the Premier League getting points is always good and this case a point wouldn’t have been bad at all. But we conceded at the end. The game can go on for 95 minutes and you have to be focused for all of that time. We have to realise we are making a lot of mistakes and to do it from a throw-in makes the difference. It ended up being a corner and we conceded. There were a lot of mistakes and we paid for them.”

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